Panel Blinds

Panel blinds are as the name suggests, divided into panels. These luxury blinds are best suited to large windows, patio doors and even look amazing as a room divider in your home or business.

Panel Blinds are a luxury alternative to vertical blinds. Blind companies manufacture bespoke made 2 measure Panel blinds, these are a totally different quality to the off the shelf IKEA type versions. The unique panel blind tracking systems, allow up to 6 panels to operate, either all to the one side or splitting in the middle.

There are no chains involved and the panels don’t rotate, they simply slide behind one another using a control wand.

If you want your Panel blind to be the focal point or a natural looking blind, then we have a wide range of fabrics, sheers, colours and even waterproof pvc fabrics, to choose from, all of which will add a stunning look to any room !