Conservatory Shutters 

Conservatory Shutters can be crafted to match exactly the shapes, sizes and angles of the sheet glass panels that make up the doors, and windows of your conservatory. In this way, they can very effectively guard against blinding sunlight, from whichever angle it comes. When in the open position, the louvered slats allow in plenty of natural light. Their clean, straight lines echo the shape of your conservatory and since each lightweight, but hard wearing slat, is supported at either side, it will not sag in the middle and will remain very neat and precisely aligned.

We would recommend the PVC ABS shutters, these amazing shutters stand up to the heat and moisture that most conservatory’s can produce. We will survey every Conservatory and Sun room individually and recommend the best products available for that environment.

Shutter Wood Ranges.

Made in the finest wood sourced wood and manufactured to incredible intricate standards.

  • ANTIGUA – Made from MDF with a patented polymer coating. Antigua is an affordable top quality wooden shutter. This product is made in China, and the quality of the workmanship is absolutely incredible. This is not your normal MDF based product, it is our biggest seller and will be on your windows for many years to come.
  • CUBA – Stunning Real hardwood shutters, with an excellent finish typical of a natural wood product.
  • FIJI – Beautiful in the custom painted shutters finish, and Fiji Shutters are also perfect if you like natural textures and a relaxed washed look.
  • SUMATRA – Our top SCRAFT Product Manufactured from certified White Teak grown on the Solomon Islands. This range has a beautiful silvery colour with a tight grain.
  • PVC COATED SHUTTERS – made from engineered HSPVC polyvinyl and comprise of stunning natural colours. These Shutters are fantastic for windows that suffer from condensation. They are also the ideal option for Bathrooms & Conservatories due to being moisture and heat resistant.
  • 3 Week Express Delivery’s are available.


This video from our SCRAFT range of shutters that may help you decide on the right product.

Our Shutter Showrooms at Glasgow, Wishaw & East Kilbride are Open 7 days and are the biggest displays for Shutters in Scotland. The Show Centres are well worth a visit to physically operate and look at these stunning pieces of furniture. INTEREST FREE OPTIONS AVAILABLE.