NEW Porchester Aluminium Security Shutters

Porchester Aluminium Security Shutters are robust, durable and incredibly strong. Manufactured in South Africa, a country noted for its focus on security, the range includes patented Italian locks with a double key turn. This operates locking bolts to secure both the top and bottom of the shutter.

Portchester shutters come in a range of styles, depending on the size of your window.  Aluminium is very heavy so they are ideal for smaller windows as well as room dividers and conservatory doors.  They are available in full height, bifold and bypass styles and are available with 89mm louvres in a choice of two standard colours; satin white and charcoal. A custom colour option is also available if you want to match your shutters to your décor. They are a very close match to all our shutters and would not look out of place alongside our other ranges.  The main discernible difference is the subtle addition of a lock. They have been aesthetically designed to closely match our non-security shutter ranges, creating a seamless interior design.


All our shutters are made-to-measure, and you can book a Free estimate for an accurate quote from one of our experts.  Portchester shutters offer the same features as our ranges with their additional security properties and are therefore priced accordingly.


Porchester Aluminium Security Shutters can only be opened with a key, so it is important that owners keep their keys in an easily accessible place, and all members of the household know where these are in case of fire or any other need to leave the property via a window that has security shutters. For any rooms where security shutters are fitted, an alternative escape route is highly advisable. Aluminium is generally considered to be fire resistant.

This is a Video from the Supplier S:CRAFT, and gives you an excellent insight on this fantastic product.

Our Shutter Showrooms at Glasgow, Edinburgh, Motherwell & East Kilbride are open 7 days. It is definitely worth the trip in to see these stunning window coverings, sometimes pictures and samples dont do them justice. They are luxury, but definitely an affordable luxury when you consider they will be on your windows for years to come.