Why hide your features with a curtain or square blind when our made-to-measure shutters can be manufactured to fit exactly in or onto your feature window.  The amazing benefit of our special shaped shutters is that this is a functional solution rather than just a window dressing.

Our special shaped window shutters can come with operable louvre’s to help provide unique light control and privacy options, while maintaining style and elegance in your home. The hinged panels can be closed while the louvre’s opened to let light and air into the room. Or they can be concertinaed and folded back against the wall to allow an unobstructed view of your feature windows, doors or garden.   This video from our SCRAFT range of shutters that may help you decide on the right style ! 

Our Shutter Showrooms at Glasgow, Motherwell & East Kilbride are Open 7 days and are the biggest displays for Shutters in Scotland ! Well worth a visit to physically operate and look at these stunning pieces of furniture.  INTEREST FREE OPTIONS AVAILABLE !