Tier-on-tier-Shutters are an amazing shutters design feature which will enhance any room and window. There main feature is the versatility of them allowing you to operate & open the upper and lower panels separately, giving you greater light control and privacy at all times of days.

Tier-on-tier shutters make a particularly stunning feature of bay windows, making them a popular choice in Victorian and Georgian homes. You can choose from timber, American Basswood and Waterproof options, each available in natural wood and painted finishes.  This video from our SCRAFT range of shutters that may help you decide on the right style. 

Our Shutter Showrooms at Glasgow, Edinburgh, Motherwell & East Kilbride are open 7 days and have wide range of colours on display. It is definitely worth the trip in to see these stunning window coverings, sometimes pictures and samples don’t do them justice. They are luxury, but definitely an affordable luxury when you consider they will be on your windows for years to come. INTEREST FREE OPTIONS AVAILABLE !Tier-on-tier-Shutters 




Below is our gallery’s featured solely on Tier on Tier Shutters.