Conservatory Blinds are a specialist fitting. When it comes to screwing holes or fitting into your brand new conservatory, it is of paramount importance that you get the best advice on blind type and fitting and we at City Blinds & Shutters have done this for over 15 years. The extensive guarantees on Windows, Roofs and Conservatories are very important, and we will give expert advice to install blinds to ensure these guarantees are not affected in any way.

Buy from home service includes:

  • Free consultation and advice
  • Survey and measuring service
  • Manufacture and full comprehensive fitting
  • After care service with free future tensioning

Expected delivery from start to completion is 2 to 3 weeks.

Fabric choice is vitally important in purchasing conservatory roof
blinds as you need to purchase a fabric which first and foremost will
do a specific job, for instance:-

  • Dramatically reducing the intense heat from the roof blinding glare
  • Reduce the chance of heat loss in the winter and cold days
  • Repel against bees, wasps and insects leaving marks on blinds
  • Absorb condensation on damp conditions
  • Protect furniture and flooring against bleaching or warping