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As you will see below we’re all good looking boys and pride ourselves in our excellent friendly service. We always say we would never have a business if it wasn’t for you great people, calling us and recommending us on a daily basis. We have built our business from my garage in Coatbridge, then our 1st wee shop in Wishaw Main Street to now in East Kilbride & in My home town of Dennistoun, Glasgow. Danny & I along with our great staff work very hard to offer top quality products at excellent prices, and providing the service to match it.

With all these online companies now at the touch of a button, None of them offer a measure & fit service nor the quality to match your expectations, and we aim to buck that trend by having great show centres that you can visit, Touch, Feel & Operate the blinds your buying and being able to see what you are buying. My old Papa used to say ” you get what you pay for” and with our long experience in this industry it is absolutely true, but you as a customer can get Quality and excellent prices.

The Owners:





Nearly everyone in Lanarkshire knows our owner Danny hailing from Babylon in Bellshill, A cracking ‘wee’ guy who has over 18 years of blinds experience. Danny is a specialist on all types of blinds, Bespoke Shutters, Conservatory Roof Systems, and Contract Systems. All the Grannies and Papa’s want to adopt Danny when he visits their homes. Danny’s pride and joy is his jag. He’s no got a kettle, sky tv or even the internet but after 48 years he got his Jag and now he’s officially made it in life.


Craig (ME) is a Glasgow boy from Dennistoun and has been in the Blinds trade for 20 years now. I am the one who writes all the facebook adverts, puts all the deals together. Craig is totally in his element with our branch in Dennistoun, waving at all my Whitehill School pals, and lolly-pop woman, Oh and frequenting Coia’s cafe a lot.

I remember when I was a boy, my mum dragging me around companies like Allied Carpets in Dennistoun area. I used to love going there, it was like Adventure planet to me, with kids areas, and so I copied that concept and installed into our Showrooms. Not only do the kids love coming to our showrooms, the adults can get peace and quiet to choose their stuff! I have got to stay that my love of blinds comes from again my mum making Austrian blinds dunkies ago. Silky Festoons were pride of place in our home. (hymmm)

The Dream Team:


Our Company Manager Stewart was born and bred in Coatbridge, been with us for 11 years now and pretty much the top guy in the whole of the UK in the blinds & Shutters trade ( well except me & Danny). Stewart has incredible knowledge on all window blind systems, and is bespoke shutter & conservatory roof specialist. He visits homes on a day to day basis and then goes home and starts pulling his house apart when he sees all your lovely rooms. He talks all day about his wee girl Murryn and is pretty much training that wee 1 year old to be the next him already.

Stewart also formed ”The Chippendales ” Fitting team including Gordon, Ross, Andrew, James, Pat, Danny are professional blinds & shutter installers. The guys all love their music, fashion and football, so be prepared for their chat as they fit your blinds. Tommy has asked us to be left out of the Chippendales for Legal reasons.


The Big Irishman Stephen, is a specialist in Shutters, Curtains and all window blinds. Probably the nicest guy on the planet, even nicer than myself!. Stephen offers his customers outstanding service and is as near to a workaholic as you get. He dreams about people’s windows every night he says!? hymmmm


our Ronnie ”stays” in Larkhall but is a Hamilton Boy. Ronnie has an extensive business background, and joined the City Blinds team in 2016.  He has brung a vast amount of experience to our Sales team. Ronnie specialises in commercial & Logo printed blinds, Senses and Day n Night Blinds, and is a traditionalist with a love and passion for Venetian blinds (says the security of them are 2nd to none ) Ok Grandad.

company profile




Our office’s have our own dream teams of Helen, Liz, Michelle, Margaret, Laura, Jane, Danielle, Christine, & Lynn, the girls invite you into the shops to show off all our new fancy blinds, and if your nice they might make you a cup of tea!. (if I have missed any of them I will get big time abuse !)

So there’s the company profile and you’ve met the team so CALL US NOW


Thank you again for your custom.