Due to significantly reduced staffing in our offices, we will post all updates on this page. Further updates will follow daily.



Dear Customers, 

We are strictly following government guidelines by continuing to stay closed and our staff are all “staying at home.”

We fully understand customers are looking for order updates on Blinds & Shutters, but currently we cannot update anyone right now, due to the fact our custom manufacturing facility in Wishaw is also closed until further notice.

The minute we get word that we will be able to start working again, we will immediately contact all customers with 48hrs and provide status updates or arrange Installation dates.

We appreciate the many goodwill and kind messages from our customers, we will need you all to tell 10 to tell 10 to support our business in the future!

Again Stay Safe everyone and thank you to our wonderful NHS customers and their colleagues.

Craig Dunlop

Managing Director
City Blinds & Shutters



Dear Customers, 

After the government’s announcement late last night, we closed our company down with immediate effect. This temporarily closure is vital to ensure the safety of all our staff, and customers.

We have asked all our staff to comply with the stay at home rules, and took swift measures to ensure this happens including all company vehicles returned to our head office.

We must all think of all he hero NHS workers at this time and stay at home.

We are receiving many emails regarding status of orders etc, and we will reply to these personally asap. 

Thank you all for your understanding at this difficult time.


Craig Dunlop

Managing Director
City Blinds & Shutters

Monday 23rd March 2020


We have taken the extremely difficult decision today to stop all Sales Estimators and Installers/Joiners from visiting your homes. We must respect and follow government guidelines as the safety of our customers and staff is of most importance with this pandemic now taking grip of Scotland. We understand our customers want to order their blinds for their new homes, and we are so humbled you are coming to us, but we can assure you that the minute it is safe for us to visit your homes, we will be giving you all a massive hug for ordering with us !! We will need your support in the future as these are trying times for our business. We have the luxury of our own manufacturing facility in Wishaw and we will make your blinds as quickly as possible.



We have taken a few emails on Divido interest free facility some of our customers have taken up. Most enquiries are based on same theme of status of your direct debits and payments. We have had communications from Divido to state they are operating under government guidelines and have minimum staff operating. Let me assure you that Divido are a fantastic company, with great reputation and if you contact Divido or Omni then they will get back to you at the earliest opportunity. The coronavirus pandemic is the most unique situation in modern history, so please be patient with all lenders you are getting in touch with and explain your situations.
If you decide to cancel your finance agreement within the cooling off period then you would still be liable to purchase the goods you have ordered with us as per your order confirmation terms.



If we took an order just prior to 23rd March, and you did not get an order confirmation. Please email sales@cityblindman.com and we will endeavor to send you this within 24hrs.



As we are unable to visit your home at this time, any repairs or warranties will be done as soon as we return to work.
If you have an urgent child safety issue, please email us immediately:   sales@cityblindman.com  and we would seek to get advice from local authorities.


No telephone calls will be answered until further notice.